Advanced Checkout
Heavily optimized, converting checkout

Checkout forms across the web are ugly, cumbersome, and antiquated. Bolt Checkout is built with both the user and merchant in mind.

Customers will love checking out with you which means more loyal customers. Bolt’s embeded fraud and security technology means that you and your customers can also feel safe.

Maximize conversion

Customers need only provide the minimum amount of data to complete a secure transaction. As a result, they complete checkout up to 50% faster.

Ask less information

Bolt Checkout requires less information for a successful checkout than any other service out there.

Built-in identity and authentication

Customers enter payment and identity information once. Bolt’s intelligent checkout form securely retains user data, translating to fewer clicks for future orders.

A seamless experience

When customers have a good payment experience, they return. The best modern companies make this easy, seamless, and consistent. So do we.

Your Fraud Team
Taking care of fraud so you don't have to

Fraud causes merchants heavy losses: fraudulent chargebacks, extra fees, manual transaction monitoring, integrating with fraud detection vendors, handling fraudulent users, false positives… and a lot of headaches.

Bolt is your true partner. We run our advanced fraud detection algorithms on every single order.

Still, one integration

Never integrate with another external fraud detection tool again.

World leading fraud-detection technology

Bolt’s team of top engineers from Google, Sqaure, Twitter, Apple, and DropBox have developed the most sophisticated fraud-detection systems in the world. This security is packaged into every integration.

Advanced machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is at the core of Bolt’s fraud detection systems. We process all of your data to make intelligent decisions.

More approved orders, less false positives

Rejecting orders is easy, but detrimental to your business. Bolt’s fraud solutions specialize in approving more orders while dramatically increasing your conversion rates.

Merchant dashboard
You control your information

Reporting and analytics are mission critical, and Bolt equips you with powerful insights. Access all transactions and customer information for advanced, customizable tracking and reporting.

  • No refund fees
  • Partial refunds
  • Instant transaction search
  • Export to CSV
  • Virtual Payment Terminal
  • Customer details
  • And more to come ...

Search, sort and filter

Narrow transactions by status, date, amounts, customers, and more.

Data exporting

Export your transaction data and searches into CSV format to use for accounting, reporting, or importing into other tools.

Virtual terminal

Accept payments on the fly with a virtual terminal and quickly recharge return customers.

Built for everyone
You don’t need an in-house engineering team to accept payments.
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4  src="https://sandbox.bolt.com/connect.js?
5  merchant_key=[INSERT MERCHANT KEY]">
Lightning fast integration

Copy and paste our JavaScript snippet into your pages. Or, use one of our shopping cart plugins. Most Bolt integrations can be done in less than 1 day.

Simple shopping cart plugins

If your store runs on a shopping cart, turn on Bolt with a few clicks. Whatever your shopping cart, we likely have a plugin.

Automatic Upgrades

Bolt is your full-time enhancement team. With our JS integration, your experience upgrades automatically. We are constantly working on making Bolt Checkout better and more secure.

Hosted Form

Drop in Bolt’s hosted form to power your checkout.


We’ve done the hard work to make it as simple as possible.


Simple and safe testing with Bolt Sandbox.


Customize your checkout experience.

Full support

Chat and email support at your fingertips.

...and more!

Endless flexibility for your checkout flow.